Wix Dirty Tricks

Wix, the website building company that you might remember from stealing WordPress codes and lying about them, now believes the best way of gaining relevance is to attack open-source WordPress communities in a weird set of ads. They are unable to come up with new attack ads concepts and have tried to copy Apple’s Mac-vs-PC ads, but tastelessly characterize the WordPress community like an absent drunken father during therapy sessions.

I feel empathy for the people who had to do these ads. WordPress is a worldwide movement made up of thousands of volunteers and members of the community, working together to improve the web. Your code, including everything you put into the code, is yours. WordPress’ open source license means that you can have complete control now and in the future. WordPress is completely free. It also allows you to be your own boss.

Wix is a for profits company with a value of around 20 billion. Their business model is to get customers to pay more and harder every year, making it difficult to leave and getting a refund. Look at their investor presentations. They are so insecure they are the only website maker I know that doesn’t allow export of your content. This is like a roach motel, where you can check in, but never check out. You are locked in once you purchase their proprietary stack, as even their support documentation admits.

Wix is a website builder that can lock you in your basement and make you feel like you are being abused.

Philosophically, I believe open source. We also have a strong relationship with some of our proprietary competitions. I have great respect for Squarespace’s teams and have seen them operate with integrity.

I believe users will care about this over the long term, which is why Squarespace has just passed Wix in market share. They are able to export into WordPress’ format natively and don’t have to resort too many dirty tricks to make it work. Squarespace’s upcoming IPO should be a huge success.

Wix however, continues to be a shining example of their true colors. No matter what product they offer, I hope that people will consider the actions of companies around the world who support them with their money. Wix wants to make sure you see their new campaign. So let’s not be afraid to take the bait.

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