Category: Website Development

  • Wix Dirty Tricks

    Wix, the website building company that you might remember from stealing WordPress codes and lying about them, now believes the best way of gaining relevance is to attack open-source WordPress communities in a weird set of ads. They are unable to come up with new attack ads concepts and have tried to copy Apple’s Mac-vs-PC […]

  • What is Animxplay? Watch HD Anime for Free Now

    Animxplay is an app for anime fans who want to watch their favorite anime series whenever they want. This app offers high quality, HD anime for free with no ads, download limits or time limits. Animax Play is a free app that allows users to stream and download high definition anime movies and series. The […]

  • What are automated recurring payments and how to use them?

    Recurring payments (also called subscriptions, recurring billing, etc.) is a mechanism that enables a charge on a customer’s card regularly without engaging neither the customer nor the merchant. It’s a perfect payment solution for all kinds of subscriptions, including web applications (accounts paid monthly or annually), magazine subscriptions, bills, etc. Merchants often use recurring payments […]