Redesign online banking app

Rapid prototyping of a user interface design for a new social Fintech mobile app.

This mobile design for a shared savings and investment account considers social interactions and visualisations that motivate banking customers towards a goal. 

User Scenario

A group of friends want to pool and grow money together with a social account that has an investment component so the money grows over time. Each customer determines the investment options for their share of the money. This exercise showcases both my ability to rapidly ideate a design concept, produce low fidelity mockups and finally the pixel perfect UI.


  1. All users have an account and are signed in.
  2. Shares, cash and property investments in each category will be managed by the financial institution; the user is only picking investment types.
  3. User will only need to enter the amount the want to invest and the percentage they will allocate to each of the investment categories.

Fonts: Helvetica Neue Roman

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