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  • GDPR Did You Know

    Yer personal information now be pirate booty. You can thank a pirate, matey, for potentially expanding Europeans’ rights to protect their personal data amid the turbulence of changing regulatory seas and the tide of digital transformation. ‘Twere Patrick Breyer who fired the broadside at the German government, claiming it was illegally collecting information about him through his […]

  • USAID – United States Agency for International Development

    What does USAID stand for? The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a U.S. government-run international development agency. President John. F. Kennedy created the United States Agency for International Development by executive order in 1961 to lead the US government’s international development and humanitarian efforts. website – Inside a USAID field mission However […]

  • Redesign online banking app

    Rapid prototyping of a user interface design for a new social Fintech mobile app. This mobile design for a shared savings and investment account considers social interactions and visualisations that motivate banking customers towards a goal.  User Scenario A group of friends want to pool and grow money together with a social account that has an investment component so the money grows […]

  • AI – Deepfake, DeepNude apps Beware: First Federal state punishes Fake Porn

    Ai generated images using Deepfake, DeepNude apps need to be careful. As we know one can manipulate photos and videos using AI via DeepFake and DeepNude apps available online. The results achieved from it are so close to the real thing you are not able to judge the real from the fake. Already there has been an […]