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  • Technology Behind Snapchat and Instagram Face Filters

    Mobile app development price estimation is a complex process affected by many factors. One may be satisfied with only an iPhone app development cost coming to the Apple adherents market. Another one prefers to start with Android solution. Mobile app development price estimation is a complex process affected by many factors. One may be satisfied […]

  • How Apps Can Transform Sketching and Drawing

    In order to realize the artist’s talent, one does not necessarily have to be able to master the pencil techniques perfectly, or to know nuances of paint drawing. So, many of us can literally in a few hours draw an absolutely stunning art based on ordinary photographs and ready-made pictures, simply using the special app […]

  • How to Build Dating App like Tinder?

    They say that the world has never been so connected as it is today. However, globalization does not present everyone with an “anti-loneliness” pill. That’s why people never stop trying various ways to find their specials (or just no-strings relations), and one of them is signing up at a mobile dating app and starting “fishing […]

  • WhrzAt

    At the beginning, the customer wanted to have a chat application. They saw one of our existing chat apps and found it spectacular. Upon negotiations, having seen other examples from our portfolio and our extensive experience in creating chat apps, they were impressed enough to stop looking further and sign the agreement with us.

  • Why Develop An App for Sports Team Fans?

    Sports applications and apps for sports fans, though popular still cause a number of difficulties for developers. Is it worthwhile to start developing a product that will be popular in a narrow circle of fans of a certain sport or even a specific team? What functionality must the application have, so that it can interest […]

  • How to Make an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEats

    The freedom of choice, the ability to fit into the busy schedule of a modern person, the level of simplicity and thoughtfulness. Those are the things that define a great service, and on-demand food delivery app like Uber has the potential to live up to that standard. This makes them a very promising investment for […]

  • What Makes Mobile Apps Popular?

    We often ask ourselves a question: what makes an app successful? And indeed, have you ever thought about the secret of the popularity of mobile applications? Let’s review the key points that lead to app success and what exactly makes users fall in love with your application.What makes mobile apps popular? That is today’s question. […]

  • Augmented Reality Toolkit: AR Frameworks Comparison

    Although the actual appearance of the “augmented reality” term dates back to 1990, it came into the habitual use relatively recently. In particular, one of the most memorable events for fans of high technology event was the release of Google Glass smart glasses in 2014, which is a kind of headset for smartphones based on […]

  • Pumpkin Head

    Explore this wonderful yet dangerous world full of unexpected events and hazards. Don’t waste your lives, you have only three of them. Beware of slick roads and snowy hills. We all know the snow can be tricky, the forest gets even more dangerous. Leave hope of Merry Christmas and playing snowballs. The snowman won’t help […]

  • Most Promising Programming Languages of 2017

    Why do we need new programming languages? There are vast majority of those suited to every fancy. Many projects have been already developed in one of the most popular programming languages and a switch to the other one will require total code rewriting. So why do we need stay trendy and learn new languages? Let’s […]