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  • Top 5 Things to Learn from Telegram Success

    You have probably already heard of this application as about most successful startup in IT currently. Actually, Telegram success story is way more interesting than the numbers, figures and capitalization. It’s all about people. Why Telegram is better than any other messaging app? Founded in 2013, Pavel Durov’s startup attracts more and more users. Lots […]

  • Does a Law Firm Need a Mobile App?

    Beginning of the twenty-first century certainly will go down in history as the twilight of the mobile technology. The development of digital sciences has made possible the introduction of mobile applications into all spheres and sectors of human life. Today it is hard to imagine anyone who would not use mobile devices, such as a […]

  • Happyactivity

    Our client is an active person, he enjoys doing sport, visiting loud parties, and meeting new people. Once he was struck with an idea to create an app that would help find exciting events to attend, make new friends, and organize great parties. This was the start of our cooperation.

  • How Long Does It Take to Make an App?

    Probably this is the most common question: how long does it take to create an app? Or it’s another variation – how many hours does it take to build an app? But as much as this is a common question, so much it is difficult and complex. We often respond – what result do you […]

  • 5 Fundamental UX Design Principles – Erminesoft

    Although there’s a lot of information about the UX design (user experience design) on the Internet, still only a rare person understands clearly, what is it that the UX designers do and why UX design is important.. This is because the precise determination of the profession is not yet developed. UX includes a number of […]

  • Instagram Features You Might Need in Your App

    After long meditations on the subject of this article (to start it most interesting, clear and at the same time unusual) we came to the conclusion that instead of opening remarks, we can write “new Instagram features” or simply Instagram. Today it will probably be hard to find someone who has never heard of Instagram. […]

  • App Like Zello: Development Tips and Alternatives Review

    What does communication mean to a person, especially a modern one, surrounded by a variety of information? From a historical point of view, it would be impossible to socialize humanity without normal communication. That is, it was the process of communication that led us to this level of industrial and personal revolution. If we talk […]

  • 【Review】5 Best Prototyping Tools

    Have you ever heard that UI/UX design is a significant aspect of building a website or application work? Today we are going to talk about best prototyping software and interactive prototyping tools. Making and modifying products driven by prototypes is spinning up and the prototyping tools come in any form or by any means. The […]

  • How to Choose a Revenue Model for Your Startup

    It is commonly known that one of the most important decisions made during a startup-developing process is creating a stable working business model for a startup. This is what, basically, shapes your business, defines its reputation and stability. The startup business model choice truly depends on what strategy you choose, targeted client base, your market, […]

  • How To Develop An App Like Yelp

    So, the question on the agenda: how to build an app like yelp and how much does an app like yelp cost. In our blog we often love to confess, what is – to develop a particular application. More often than not, this category includes quite popular and powerful applications that could (to some extent, […]