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  • Real Estate

    We were favorably impressed with customer’s straightforwardness and determination concerning the app’s creation. It was a pleasure to cooperate with our client, since he knew what he wanted, which advanced us in the process of key features implementation. The Real Estate app was expertly designed to provide incredible user experience and efficiently develop to ensure […]

  • How Much Does It Cost to Build an App with ReactJS / React Native?

    So, we’re continuing our little series of articles that lightens such a wonderful and popular JavaScript framework like ReactJS. It’s time to speak about the cost of reactjs development. In the previous article, we mentioned why this technology is in trend and gained a huge number of developers. But this time we would like to […]

  • Java, Python, and PHP: Which is Better for Server Backends?

    Today these three programming languages are to some extent the basis of software development. All three belong to the ten most popular high-level languages, with Java being the first for years, are supplied with lots of detailed documentation; have wide communities and extensive additional libraries. What made these languages so popular? What are the features of […]

  • How to Name Your App

    Which comes first the chicken or the egg? We think that first came to the name (which is not really surprising, because we are an IT company in the first place, and after – the philosophers). Let’s try to understand why we decided to start the article this way. One of the most important components […]

  • ReactJS vs VueJS: In-Depth Comparison – Erminesoft

    For many software development companies, the question of choosing development environments for their products is very acute. The problem of selecting libraries and frameworks is generally a quite complicated subject especially in the case of ReactJS vs VueJS or Angular vs React. Often various suppliers offer products really similar in their properties and contents, and […]

  • – TOP Escort Site in the USA in 2022 is an escort website that was created to give escorts in the United States more exposure. It has quickly grown into one of the most popular escort websites in the world. What is Yesbackpage Escort Site? Yesbackpage Escort Site is a website that is able to offer you the best quality in the market […]