Top 5 Useful Apps to Use During Quarantine

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re sitting at home, right? So am I. What to do not to go crazy during this whole month? You can do a lot of things, using the apps that allow attending to meaningful activities. 

So, turn off your TV and quit looking in the window all the time. I gathered some of the best mobile apps that do not sell anything besides entertainment or new thrilling skills. And what’s interesting is that, unlike games, these apps are actually useful. They may help you acquire new skills, find out something you didn’t know about yourself, and, of course, forget a little bit about the massive pandemic of COVID-19.  


Calm is one of the meditation apps I have recently covered. If there’s one app that can keep you sane in 4 walls, it’s Calm. Calm helps its users to reach mental clarity and psychological well-being. It was developed to battle stress, depression, and anxiety. Many of us start to feel this way because our usual routines have been disrupted. Calm has a relaxing soundtrack and guiding meditations materials to improve your mood. According to millions of users worldwide, it really works well as they report increased self-awareness and lower stress levels.


We have already talked about this one before. Yet, I really like this app, so I decided to include in on my list. I even think that forced to sit at home, I started to value this app more than I have done before. With Headspace you can meditate and relax before going to sleep or get motivated right after you got up. Same as Calm, it has certified stress-relief visual, sound, and text materials all to serve a single purpose – make you feel better. 


Ok, enough with meditation and anxiety. Feeling perfectly well? Use Libby to catch up on some great reading. Libby is free to use if you have your local library’s card. It can also be used offline and it is truly one of the great book depositories on the app market. Give Libby a try and you won’tregret it.


So much content online, so many streaming services. You need a good old-fashioned TV guide, right? And here comes JustWatch – detailed and thorough listing of streaming shows. It makes it much easier to find your favorite movie or TV-show or just decide what to watch. And it is much more comfortable than to browse on the web, trying to find it yourself. 


Nuzzel is a newsfeed app. It shows you only the most breaking news that are shared by your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter. This is the best option to navigate through the debris of information online without getting distracted. Only the most important info, only the facts that are necessary to know, only breaking news. Thanks to sync with your contact base of friends and relatives, Nuzzel algorithmically picks news pieces that are more likely to be interesting for you personally.



Try some of the apps like I did and you may find yourself distracted from Covide-19. Yes, it is challenging to sit at home 24/7. For many people who do not work from home remotely it is even more challenging. But that is not a reason to lose time and get bored. Absolutely no. On the contrary, this time may be time well spent. With the apps presented here you can be sure you won’t have a cabin fever by the end of this month. I’ll continue my research and get back to you with more apps like that. Until then, stay at home and be safe. 

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