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There are times when there is nothing like a good cleaning, to put everything in order, is not it? Well, in our case, we can help you do that cleaning on the computer you’ve been putting off for some time.

For example: Are photos taking up too much space on your machine? Do the websites you use every day take so long to load? Is your machine running too slow?

So all of these problems can be solved with a quick computer cleanup, simple to run. In addition, several procedures can be done by yourself.

Want to stay with a more agile and “light” computer? We, from NetSupport, specialize in computer technical assistance, explain what you need to do to give an overview on your machine.

It is worth remembering that this cleaning does not exclude the need for preventive maintenance, performed by a trained professional.

After all, only a specialist will be able to get a deeper diagnosis of your device’s problems.

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Where to start cleaning the computer?

Firstly, to explain the cleaning processes in the computer, we take as base Microsoft Windows, which is one of the operating systems most used by users.

In the case of a direct cleaning in the operating system, you can start with the recent, prefetch and temporary files.

These file types are created by Microsoft Windows to assist in performing certain tasks. In normal situations, they should be automatically deleted after use. However, for various reasons, these files may remain on the computer.

Notice how easy it is to eliminate them:

  • Press the button with the Windows symbol + letter R;
  • This command will open an execution box on your computer.

Then type the name of the folders you want to have access to. In case, for temporary you should type %TEMP% and for recent type recent. To access the folder with the prefetch files, type the word prefetch;

Once you have accessed the folder, select all files as you wish, and delete them.

In this way, repeat the operation for each of the above folders.

Also clean your browser

If you are feeling slow internet browsing, the problem may be the amount of data stored in the browser. However, deleting two types of files can do away with this problem. We’re talking about cookies and caching.

Cookies are small text files used by websites, usually to store user preferences.

On the other hand, caching is a temporary storage on the hard disk of web pages, images, and other documents.

The cache is used to reduce the use of available broadband, increase the speed of access, among other advantages.

Therefore, to delete these files from your browser and contribute to the cleaning on the computer.

  • Access the browser used by you as usual;
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
  • Select options.

Click Clear Data.

This procedure has been tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

BUT, ATTENTION! To navigate the Internet with more agility, several questions should be considered, such as: Internet service speed, browser choice, DNS server used, etc.

How much time do I need to clean my computer?

As for the periodicity of this cleaning, there is no recommended time to clean this data. Each case must be analyzed.

That’s because these files are used by the browser, and by the websites, to offer more agility and better browsing experience.

Therefore, the ideal is to delete them only when your existence begins to disrupt the performance of the browser. In this way, it is recommended that the user be aware of the performance of the browser, if, as already mentioned, it is slow or if it is also crashing.

If one of these options manifests itself, clearing these files is a good idea. Incidentally, all computer cleaning should be done with caution!

Identify unneeded programs and applications

Next, another important task is to look at the list of installed software and check what is actually being used.

This relationship can be accessed through the control panel or by typing “uninstall a program” in the Windows start menu. There you can check all installed programs as well as the option to uninstall them.

One tip: It is good to be careful not to uninstall any useful program or any add-on used by other software.

When the user does not know what the software is about, just give one searched for his name on the web. This will prevent errors, such as disabling some other program.

In addition, it is possible to use auxiliary programs for cleaning the computer.

One option is the Should I Remove It? This application indicates which software can be safely removed.

On the other hand, the famous CCleaner cleans useless computer contents automatically, just program it for both. These tools will be useful when cleaning your computer for 2018.

Cleaning on the computer also includes formatting?

The fact that your computer is a little slower than when you bought it does not indicate that it needs to be formatted.

Formatting is recommended only when the operating system experiences serious problems, and all possible solutions have been exhausted.

Many technicians, too lazy or unknowing, to investigate the problems in depth, recommend formatting the computer at the slightest sign of instability.

But with thorough research, you can find faster, more effective solutions than formatting.

Therefore, formatting is the last option to troubleshoot a device. The ideal is always to properly analyze what is happening with the machine. If it is a hardware problem, for example, the formatting will not solve anything.

So before making the decision to format, consult a trusted and experienced IT professional. He will be able to investigate the situation more deeply, providing an accurate diagnosis.

We emphasize that computer cleaning as well as preventive maintenance help prevent machines from being formatted.

Computer hardware and cleaning

When a problem arises on the computer, we almost always attach it to some instability in the system. However, hardware may also be the source of the problem.

A misplaced part, a rusty plate or even the lack of cleaning on the computer are capable of rendering an equipment unusable.

But, once your computer has left the store, when should you start to worry about it?

In general, there is no predefined time for performing preventive maintenance. This time usually varies according to the environment where the machine is.

Places where there is a greater concentration of dust, sea and soot, usually need this type of maintenance a little earlier.

As a precaution, it’s worth investing in a computer cleanup at least once a year.

Who cleans the computer?

Often we can not perform the necessary cleanings, either for lack of practice or even for fear of touching where we do not know.

Therefore having a technical support is essential. A specialized support can do this cleaning and even carry out a preventive maintenance so that your computer will have a much longer life.

If this is your case we advise you to find a computer technical assistance to assist you in the process.


Cloud storage services are great for freeing up space on your devices.

They allow you to synchronize important files, avoiding losses in adverse situations. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Amazon AWS are the most reliable alternatives in the market.

Software that improves computer performance is among the most successful. And when you talk about it, programs such as CCleaner and Advanced System Care come to mind, while several others as good as they are simply left out. 

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