How to Make an App Like QuizUp

Mobile app development price estimation is a complex process affected by many factors. One may be satisfied with only an iPhone app development cost coming to the Apple adherents market. Another one prefers to start with Android solution.

Mobile app development price estimation is a complex process affected by many factors. One may be satisfied with only an iPhone app development cost coming to the Apple adherents market. Another one prefers to start with Android solution.

Today we are going to talk about an average cost of application design – a thing that will be promoting your business and attracting people 24/7. To give the right answer, we will have all hidden reefs considered and the price estimated adequately.

WhatsApp is a native instant messaging app with advanced multimedia features that gained immense popularity. No wonder more and more startups wish to have a chat app developed and existing apps tend to integrate chat features.

They say that the world has never been so connected as it is today. However, globalization does not present everyone with an “anti-loneliness” pill. That’s why people never stop trying various ways to find their soulmate.

Live video streaming apps have won the Internet flash-likely. Capturing and broadcasting live videos have never been so easy. Periscope, a flagship service in the industry, triggered the chain of the project’s demand and success of the startups.

In this article we aim to explain what is MVP, how to create a minimum viable product for mobile app and how much does it cost to build an MVP. MVP is more a way of thinking rather than something that is intended to enter the market.

If you are reading this, chances are you already have a mobile app for iOS as well as simple landing page or a website. So why bother to spend extra resources on porting your existing nice looking and functional app for iPhone/iPad from iOS to Android?

In this article, we are going to compare ReactJS and AngularJS pros and cons for better understanding of what we can operate. The comparison between these two frameworks is a topic which currently raises quite a big number of heated debates.

How to Make an App Like QuizUp

Every person thinks they are smart. Perhaps, even smarter than others. Quiz applications allow you to understand how smart you are in the game form and attract more and more users every day. However, does the genre determine the success of the game? Let’s figure out how to make an app like QuizUp and what… Read more »

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