How to Make a Mobile App with ReactJS?

Judging from the popularity that was driven by our previous article, we understood that our readers find this topic to be hot. Thus, we decided to explicate the narration in order to shed light onto Mr. ReactJS who was able to provoke arguments and feedbacks. Well, which post does this gentleman occupy in the “JavaSript” club? Namely, why is it attractive for developers and profitable for entrepreneurs?

We have interviewed Vitaliy – our Tech Lead – on the topic. He and his developers’ team use this technology and successfully employ it at creation of mobile applications for startups. Let us get an insight together.

Nowadays both start-uppers and shrewd businesspersons do not underestimate the support mobile application can do for their business. Innovations have become integral part of our lives, giving us possibilities to coming in full force with our talents, opening new horizons and raising prosperity. It is clear we all want to act efficiently, without wasting time and money. Software development is of no exception.

JavaScript has been used for 20 years already, but its importance has risen over the last few years when it became used in a new capacity. Ten years ago, Java manifested “Write once, run anywhere” principle, and today this task is successfully implemented by JavaScript. One could hardly imagine that JavaScript would be so promising successor in web programming.

How to use ReactJS in the native mobile app development? Well, it is simply essential at creation of single-page applications today. React supports virtual DOM together with the browser’s one. This allows it defining which parts of DOM changed, as compared to saved version of virtual DOM. Due to this, the library “understands” how to update the browser’s DOM in the most efficient way.

Developers who are working at front-end always have more work to do than those who work at the back end. 

In the kingdom of modern single page applications, server is used as a data warehouse,
and a lion’s share of overall “magic” takes place at front-end side
– Vitaliy says.

The opposite situation is with web site, where main processes take place at the back end. Today’s front-end is not a web site, but a web application, so-called single-page application. At the front-end, all essential processes occur like routing, page switches, users’ audit, checkout etc.

React is great from the point of SEO since with it we may generate pages for Google bots. React allows rendering the page for indexation with minimum modifications to the code. This will help better indexation of the source, making it easier to be found in search engine. In its turn, this is a direct step for boosting incomes, if the application presupposes so. For instance, AngularJS is not able to render data on backend side and uses third party services for that.

A couple of words should be dropped about React Native – a new technology, made by Facebook. It represents a framework for creation of native iOS and Android applications, using JavaScript and React infrastructure. It gives the possibility for blending native and hybrid approaches, which allows us taking advantage of every piece of technology.

If you hire a remote team to build an iOS App with React Native, you have high chances that investors would approve the budget. The same goes for applying react native for android. It’s clear that startups have to rocket with quality, but without extra costs and delays.

We recommend making a mobile app with ReactJS since it has its undeniable advantages for both clients and programmers.

What are the advantages ReactJS gives to developers?

1. Advancement of professional competence level

Developers who are skilled in other programming languages have low barriers to entry for starting working on JavaScript. For instance, this ensures a Senior level of development in our company. No to amateurism, yes to competence.

2. Simplicity

React has very small API. It makes it easy to learn and understand, as well as to maintain isolated components. That’s it.

3. A source of motivation

When development team creates a mobile app with ReactJS, they are able to come in full force. It is pleasant to work on the project when your labor efforts are efficiently distributed. This favors inspiration!

4. Flexibility and keeping our nerves safe

Once written a piece of code will work with any device, including server. It means that if you suddenly get the task to build an app for Android, while the web site is already created, you may have real problems. It doesn’t forges programmers in their movements.

What are the advantages ReactJS gives to the owners of supposed applications?

1. Purposive nature

ReactJS runs a good show when it comes to data rendering. While many frameworks are supposed for multiple tasks, they are more sluggish. By contrast, ReactJS It was engineered for particular task – rendering HTML – that’s why it works without a hitch.

2. Scream if you want to go faster

Programming with React, in combination with cutting edge stack, increases productivity and understanding of code manifold.

3. Adaptive character

ReactJS may work at any device – whether it be a laptop, smartphone, tablet or even TV device. This technology is supported by responsive web design. With it, the content of the site may be compared to liquid, which, being poured to the container, adapts to the shape of the latter. The users see the content in the best way possible for their device.

4. Helps establishing connections with customers

With React, a large web applications use data that changes without the need to reload the page. It processes user interface only, that’s why it’s work is simple and quick. What does it mean for the user from the other side of the screen? Imagine your customer wishes to visit your web site from the mobile device. However, the web site is bulky and takes time to load. If ReactJS, in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies was not used for creation of the web app, the client would have to wait and bite thumbs, if the waiting is too long. If ReactJS was used, you can rest assured – the site would load in a blink of an eye, because it will process only that components that are needed, updating only the changed parts. Small businesses also benefit from using ReactJs, since it allows them not losing touch with their customers, who visit their online markets from mobile devices.

Our expertise

Recently we have been successfully implementing React while working at our projects. For instance, we have recently assisted our customer with getting modular cross platform web application, optimized for mobile devices. It implies several roles functioning, features of linking credit cards to the account, responsive adaptable design, advanced notifications management, geolocation and a pile of other useful features. We can not disclose further details, since we are tied with the non­disclosure agreement. However, what we may say is that the project is at MVP stage at the moment, helping customer attract more investors. And its future seems to be very promising.

When choosing a framework for building native apps, it is reasonable to operate dry facts.

Fact #1

When you create mobile app with ReactJS, you write 70-90% of the code only once. Slight changes – and your app would perfectly work at any device.

Fact #2

In combination with advanced technologies React may allow you spending 1.5 times less on creation of mobile applications than its alternatives – Vitaliy says. Naturally, it means that the cost of building an app would be less as well.

Finally, what can we say? If you decide to build a mobile app with React Native, it is safe to say that you made a reasoned choice!

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We hope you got a better insight of React’s potential in building mobile applications. We are always open for your questions and suggestions, sent to us at If you feel your business ideas are ready to be supported by the custom app, look through some of our works to get the picture how it may be brought to life.

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