6 Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your E-Commerce Business

Mobile app for your ecommerce business: the advantages of creating an ecommerce mobile application. A full one-third of all e-commerce customers today are mobile customer. A lot of e-commerce businesses employ responsive web design to give these mobile users access, and call it a day. After all, as long as mobile users can get to their site, see their products, services or check the price, fill a cart, and check out, that’s all there is, right? Actually, there’s a much better way that is cost and time-effective for both the business and it’s customers. For a number of reasons, a mobile app is a far better alternative than simply empowering your e-commerce site’s source code for mobile browsers (although you should do that, as well – for those users who not installed the app or it’s their first visit). In this article we are going to discuss the pros of developing a mobile app for ecommerce store. So, Here are the reasons why business develop mobile apps based on our experience as an ecommerce mobile app development company.

1. Users Prefer Apps to Shopping but not Mobile Browsers

Here’s the first argument: when polled, 78% of users said they would rather access their favorite shopping services via a mobile app than within their mobile browsers (because it really hurts). Apps make the shopping experience faster, more secure, and users never have to worry about remembering a URL or logging in each time they want to see what’s new or place their usual order. In this case ecommerce mobile app development would be a great advantage and a featureful time-saver.

2. Mobile Apps Make Payments Easier, Faster, and More Secure

When you develop a mobile app, you can (even have to, it’s 2017 for real) include secure payment options and program the app to remember these options for subsequent shopping experiences. This streamlines the buying process for the user, and makes things easier on your end. It’s possible to simplify payments even more with Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung pay – so users can go shopping without credit cards and fear to lost it.

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3. Mobile Apps Encourage Social Sharing

Want customers to do advertising for you by sharing your merchandise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other trendy and most popular social media sites? Mobile app developers can integrate social sharing right into the app, so it would be nice for clients to have an opportunity to alert their friends when you add a cool new product or launch new service.

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4. Mobile Apps Allow Push Notifications

Mobile apps let you deliver a streamlined, personalized experience for each device, such as an interface perfectly designed for the Android tablet, the iPhone or some other smartphone and tablet.

Push notifications can be developed like location-based beacons so that you can present customers with special offers when they get near one of your brick and mortar stores. Notifications can also be issued when you need to unload some merchandise and run a special sale, or offer a promotion to get the word out about a new item. You can’t integrate push notifications to boost sales if you don’t have an app, because this is more hardware feature that based on GPS, secure connection and some API and it’s not available for websites.

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5. Apps Give Mobile Application Developers More Control Over the User Experience

Mobile apps allow your developers to design a unique and powerful user experience according to the device the user has. You can control the interface and present faster service. Apps also allow developers to tailor the experience for the device, which lets you to go beyond the limitations of responsive web design and work perfectly with the user’s preferred platform (iOS, Android, etc.).

6. Mobile Apps Help Build Brand Loyalty

Nothing puts your brand and products front and center like a mobile app that the customers see every time they use their phone. Apps become like the virtual eyes, ears, and arms of the shopper — these tools are with them everywhere, always. That makes mobile apps a powerful tool for building and nurturing loyal customers.

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Benefits of building an ecommerce mobile app

These were 6 of the benefits of building an ecommerce mobile app, but it’s not everything. Some of the other benefits are caching (heavy interface elements are cached at your device once), offline mode, marketing advantages, geopositioning integration, etc. Want to see (or to figure out how to develop an ecommerce mobile app) what mobile app development can do for your e-commerce business or your startup? Our ecommerce mobile app development company is eager to start creating an ecommerce mobile app for your business. We design Native Apps for Android and iOS platforms. Bring us your ideas and check our custom proposal for your store.  See our work here. Also you might want to check other services we provide to our customers here.


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