Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a smart system for optimizing RAM memory that defies the amount of this feature currently used by the PC. You need to give just one click for this to be done within a few seconds.

It is possible to use some settings so that the program works automatically, optimizing the use of RAM whenever a certain quantity is occupied. It also gives some information about this component on your computer, can run along with Windows and dispenses with any installation.

For easy understanding of the information, it displays the total, free, and in-use amount of RAM in a two-color pie chart. A single button is displayed prominently well on the initial screen of the program, which also has an expandable settings menu.

RAM well used

As you use a computer, more RAM is being used so that various machine features are accessible in a more agile way. However, the amount of RAM is limited, ie it is possible that the system will become a little slower after a certain amount of time.

To avoid restarting the machine whenever it happens, Wise Memory Optimizer works to reuse the total amount of RAM on your PC. You click on Optimize Now and within a few seconds, the program has optimized usage, freeing up a little more of this feature so your computer works better.


The Settings menu, triggered by a button at the top of the window, brings together some extra features. It is possible, for example, to change the language of the program (there is a multi language version), as well as to enable automatic startup with Windows, minimize to the Notification area or even to program the auto-optimization.

Our opinion about the Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer excels by the ease of use and by the discretion, two essential functions for software of the genre. Good usability becomes clear when you open the application because it features a well-organized interface, expandable menu and can be used with just a single click.

The discretion is maintained by the possibility of running it from the Notification Area, ie it is always on hand, does not disturb (either visually or in any other aspect) and ensures that your machine will intelligently use all the capacity of RAM it has.

As it does not even need to be installed, Wise Memory Optimizer is a good choice for a first aid pendrive, those in which you save useful programs to optimize and repair the system. Anyway, this program is perfect in what it proposes, presenting no really negative aspect.


  • Easy to use
  • No installation required.


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