Wise Game Booster – Free Game Speedup Tool

Wise Game Booster is a program that has several tools to accelerate the performance of the operating system with the focus on running games.

Throughout the time of use, and even every time it starts, Windows ends up opening a series of processes and tasks that are not fundamental to its operation, causing an unnecessary consumption of its hardware components.

This application provides features that identify and close these unimportant activities. With this, the PC has its RAM and its processor less overloaded to run its games in a more efficient way. The best thing is that you can optimize the whole system with a single click.


The operation of Wise Game Booster is quite simple. In your main window, you have access to the four sections of the program. In the first one, you can check all the games installed on the computer. If a game has not been automatically identified, you can manually add titles by finding their executable.

The graphical indicator located at the bottom of the interface shows the current status of your system and the total amount of “failures”. You can check the details of each of these supposed problems by navigating through the tabs available at the top of the window.

So you have individual access to undue processes kept by Windows itself, to programs that are consuming too much of the machine, and to services that remain running unnecessarily – and you can choose which ones to shut down.

However, in the main screen of the Wise Game Booster there is a button called “Optimize All”, which performs all the suggested modifications in one go. That way, with just one click your PC is ready to run your favorite games in the maximum possible configuration!

Our Opinion on Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster has proved to be a very useful tool for hardcore gamers who want to get the most out of their favorite games.

The program has a very nice interface, with a modern and attractive look and is well organized – having its menus and buttons well segmented and with intuitive icons. This combination of elements provides an uncomplicated and enjoyable interaction.

In addition, the application presented a low consumption of computer resources – as one would expect for such software. So it can even be used on more limited machines, but still able to run games without slowing down or crashing.

During our review, we missed a mechanism that would allow you to uninstall the games that you have already finished or no longer want to play. The performance of Wise Game Booster is noticeable. In our case, the performance improvement was subtle, but on less powerful computers the optimization should be more noticeable.


  • Beautiful and organized interface
  • Uncomplicated functionality
  • Low consumption of computer resources.


  • Could offer features for uninstalling games.