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  • DeepNude App Alternative Sites available and more dangerous

    DeepNude has been an instant hit with downloads reaching limits which the server could not manage. The developer after fear of abuse closed the app but is the app really closed? Well not quite, there are DeepNude App alternative sites available and more dangerous than the original app. Source: OutsourceIT DeepNude is an AI-powered app which […]

  • What to do with Defraggler Disk Health Error?

    You should download the latest version of Defraggler and install it. If the problem shows again then try the Error Checking tools of Windows. Initiate the program and restart your PC. After restarting the computer windows will check your hard disk errors. Now, run Defraggler and see the health of your drive. First Check your […]

  • Should My Company Develop a Mobile App?

    If you’d like to know, whether or not you should make an app for your business, there is no certain answer, unfortunately. There are a lot of additional questions to consider like what purpose your app is going to serve and what would it take to develop it. Badly promoted app might be useless but […]

  • The best 360-degree camera apps for Android and iOS

    Today’s smartphones have made amateur photographers of all of us. But as smartphone photography became ubiquitous, the intriguing 360-degree spherical panorama came into vogue. A 360-degree photo lets you observe a scene in any direction from a single point of view and today’s smartphone apps make it easy to accomplish — you don’t have to do anything except use […]