Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a collection of small and important utilities to keep your PC up to date. It allows you to clean registry errors, delete unnecessary files, find problems and more.

There are several tools you can use, and everything is very simple and intuitive for any type of intermediate or advanced user.

Its main functions include customizing the context menu, cleaning up files that can be considered junk e-mail, protecting the PC from privacy threats, fixing registry errors, and more. From the home screen, you can click on the icons that appear at the bottom and discover all the tools.

If you prefer, one-click cleaning solves the major issues without having to go through each of the options in a timely manner. It does not solve 100%, but it helps a lot. It is possible to choose which actions Glary Utilities will perform and then send bullet in cleaning!

Main tools

At the bottom of the main window, you can find the main functions, and in the first use it is important to go through all of them. Startup management allows you to disable apps that are starting with the system and causing slowness, registry repair fixes system errors that you can not do yourself, and the context menu manager customize the options for that item.

In addition, you can use the junk cleaner to find useless files (caches, cookies, temporary documents etc.) that only take up space for nothing. After erasing all this, get rid of the broken shortcuts by deleting empty folders and addresses that do not go anywhere. All this is done automatically; you just need to sort

The tools are divided into five categories: “Clean & Repair”, “Optimize & Improve”, “Security”, “Files & Folders” and “System”. Navigate through these menus and find what you need to solve your PC problems once and for all.

Our Opinion on Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is one of the best tools to optimize your PC and improve performance. It brings options that go straight to the point and solve real problems on the computer, such as the boot time and the amount of junk files on the disk. If you want to keep everything always working properly, this app is critical.

For anyone

Although this type of tool is not something that very lazy people will be able to use quietly, you also do not need to have an in-depth knowledge in computer science to take advantage of everything the app offers. It is very simple and does almost everything automatically; you just need to authorize the changes.

You can rely on Glary Utilities, as it does not delete anything that compromises your PC usage, nor does it have any kind of tool that disconfuses your applications, for example, without you being able to choose it. In this way, all changes made using the program need to be preapproved and everything is clear.

In addition, it is totally in English, something that counts many positive points. The translation is well done and the visual of the program helps to make everything very intuitive. Using it is natural and the learning curve is quite small, especially if you have ever used a similar program.

Worth it?

Glary Utilities is one of the best programs of its kind, since it gathers many tools in one place and does it in a well organized way. Clean, optimize, protect and repair your PC with an application that can be used anytime!

The only point that could be better is that it does not present any scheduling tool of the main functions – that is, you have to manually open the program and perform the procedures you want periodically.


  • Very easy to use
  • Packed with tools
  • Totally in English
  • Intuitive for any user
  • Clean, repair and protect your PC.


  • No scheduling.

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