Defraggler is a disk defragmenter that serves as an auxiliary option to the standard system provided by Windows. The software performs a hard disk analysis and reorganizes files in order to increase the performance of the operating system, resulting in a faster and more enjoyable environment to use.

The program, offers the option of doing a complete scan on the machine or performing a less efficient process, but it is much faster, the so-called Rapid Defragmentation. It is possible to configure the application to run automatically during the startup of the computer, to ensure that no other process interferes with cleaning.

Defraggler also has a scheduling system that allows you to set a time for the software to start operating fully automatically. This can be done either based on a predetermined timetable or from the state of the computer – you can configure disk defragmentation whenever the system rests, for example.

Clean only what is needed

A differential of the application in relation to the similar function of Windows itself is the possibility of dealing only with fragmented files. After performing the analysis of the machine, the program shows the list of documents that are with some type of problems, which can be selected individually to go through the cleaning process.

In addition, Defraggler has a series of filters that allow you to ignore files that are not fragmented or have a disk size of less than or greater than a limit you set. To complete, the software also offers the option of performing an analysis of the performance of the hard disk installed in the computer.

Discover the health status of your HD

One of the features incorporated from version 2.0 of the program is the Health tab, through which it is possible to check if it is no longer time to invest in the purchase of a new HD. In addition to showing technical details and the time of use of the equipment used, this function allows to check information on the count of the cycles of use of the device and its reading error rate, among other things.

Our Opinion on Defraggler

Defraggler is a great choice for anyone who is looking for methods to increase computer performance that do not involve an upgrade to their hardware. Featuring a well-organized interface that highlights the really important options, the program performs excellent when it comes to improving hard disk speed.

Among the highlights in software are the speed with which it performs its functions and the wide variety of configuration options. The opportunity to schedule software activities and the HD health check system deserve to be cited because of the great convenience they offer the user.

The only criticism that should be made of Defraggler is because of the limited amount of information provided by the program reports. It is not uncommon to spend hours cleaning the machine to, in a later analysis, find that the amount of disk fragmentation remains unchanged.


  • Defragment specific folders and files
  • Totally in English
  • Easy to use.


  • Incomplete reports.