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DeepNude App is offline after Developers pull plugs

After creating a bit of controversy, DeepNude app is offline after developers pull plugs. DeepNude the AI-powered app uses advanced machine learning algorithms to remove clothes from images of women.

You might have heard about the infamous AI-powered app called DeepNude. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to remove clothes from images of women.

The app instantly became a hit and after fear of abuse, the developers have pulled the plug.

The developers tweeted “The world is not ready for DeepNude”

The app is a dream of an X-Ray vision which literally removes woman’s clothes off using artificial intelligence.

DeepNude used neural networks to upload photos of the woman and automatically create new ones without clothes of the same person.

Last week on Sunday the developers released the first version of the app for Windows and Linux. The developers were surprised by success.

The was an instant hit and such was the craze to download the app that the server kept failing again and again.

Hi! DeepNude is offline. Why? Because we did not expect these visits and our servers need reinforcement. We are a small team. We need to fix some bugs and catch our breath. We are working to make DeepNude stable and working. We will be back online soon in a few days.

— deepnudeapp (@deepnudeapp) June 27, 2019

App has been removed by the Developers

The striptease app literally created a great interest along with tons of excitement. Such was the craze for the app the developers on Thursday decided to pull the plug. The app has been removed and in a tweet, they said – “We thought we would sell a few copies each month. (…) We would never have thought that things would go viral and that we would not be able to control traffic.

At the end of the tweet, they said – “especially since the application is not so great and only works with certain photos.”

The developers feared abuse, as regardless of the security measures implemented, where the nude photos were labelled with a fake watermark, the risk of abuse was multiplied. Since they never expected things to go out of control, imagine 500000 people using the app and they did not want to make money in this fashion.

The developers made it clear they will make a few copies of DeepNude app will be available on the internet but they won’t be selling it.
They also made it clear downloading the application from another source or sharing is against their own terms of use.

At least, for now, there will be no new version release as far DeepNude app is concerned and the creator’s promise – “The world is not yet ready for ‘DeepNude’.”

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