Category: Marketing Tips

  • Online Courses Help Bridge Gaps in Skills Proficiency

    by Dru Riley 91% of US businesses expanded their plans for digitization in 2020. But there are not enough trained workers to support this transformation, particularly in certain regions. Online courses can help bridge that gap. Why it matters for employees Coursera’s latest Global Skills Report shows that the digital skills gap has widened during the pandemic 2020-2021. […]

  • 9 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Website & Earn Good Money

    Affiliate marketing, PPC, selling ad space, paid promotion, marketing leads, flipping websites, are some innovative ways to monetize a website It may be fun to start blogging or creating a website. But if you want to turn your blogs or websites into money-generating platforms then you will have to monetize them. All you need to […]

  • 5 lessons I learned when I rebranded my business

    When I decided that I was going to fully relaunch my brand, I knew it was going to be a huge project. Since I’m a website designer, I know that even just a website design is a big undertaking, let alone taking all of the content of an entire business and rebranding it with entire […]