Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a tool that can take care of your system in a very unique way. It is possible to delete useless files, check the presence of spyware, privacy problems and many other details.

On the home screen, you see a number of situations that Advanced SystemCare can solve. Therefore, it is only necessary to mark the ones that you think necessary, and finally click on “Browse”.

Note that there is a button called “Select All” that makes your job easier and tags all items, activating all the features that the program offers. As soon as you start the exam process, Advanced SystemCare will show topic progress by topic.

When it ends, you receive a general assessment and can solve problems individually or in groups. The more items you select before you begin the exam, the more problems you will have to solve at the end of the procedure.

Speed ​​up

Advanced SystemCare also has other feature guides that bring more tools for the user to take care of your computer. Accessing “Accelerate” at the top of the window, you can check four more items that may be interesting for your everyday use.

There is the possibility to connect the “Turbo Mode”, which basically consists of an automatic system that cleans the system’s RAM, eliminating unnecessary services and applications so that the computer delivers more performance in priority tasks.

You can also “Speed ​​Up the Boot” of the system, which ends up removing applications from the Windows boot queue that do not need to be there. That way, when you turn on your PC, it gets ready for faster use.

There’s also “Deep Optimization” that can configure your device’s hardware and software to deliver better overall performance. Lastly, we have the “Clean Apps / Toolbars” function, which works through another application from the same developer and allows uninstalling programs and removing browser add-ons.


The third top guide of Advanced SystemCare can be considered one of the most important. It concentrates all the security functions of the program, which are all very useful for the user. There is a “Home Page” feature that prevents third-party programs from changing settings from Chrome or other browsers installed on your computer.

You also have DNS and navigation protection, plus a feature called “Windows 10 Enhancement,” which improves the system’s reaction to hacker attacks through Trojans. A new feature of version 10 is FaceID. It is available to any computer with webcam and captures the face of whoever is using it, if it identifies that person is not the owner of the device. There is also a shortcut that installs the IObit extension for Chrome and blocks ads on web pages.

There’s still more

The Advanced SystemCare’s fourth top guide provides the user with a series of application options and functions that can be integrated into the program. You have everything from independent developer programs to extra features like disk cleaner, file destructor, repairers, and so on. Take a look at this guide to see if any of these options are useful for your day to day life.

There is also an “Action Center” which brings some information about Windows that can be fixed by Advanced SystemCare. For example, if you do not have an antivirus installed, the app can identify and recommend installing such software. Third-party drivers outdated programs are also identified.


New Privacy Shield protects your private data against secret access coming from phishing sites, junk messages and malicious programs.

New Digital Signature Protection to disguise your digital signature and prevent invasive online tracking.

Rebuilt Browsing and Removal Protection to block further crypto-coin mining attacks, annoying ads, and malicious websites.

Home Page Protector adopts cutting edge technology to strengthen the detection of malicious programs that modify your homepage and search page.

File Cleaner Improved garbage to clean up more files including Windows 10 cache icons, Microsoft Office cache, Google Chrome logs, temporary files, redundant files, and old downloads.

Improved Privacy Cleanup to support the cleanup of all Chromium browsers and strengthens cleanup for Google Chrome, Opera and Facebook.

Recovered Startup Manager database to further decrease PC startup time.

Performance Monitor optimized to remember the last open position and customize the size of the window.

Turbo Acceleration redesigned to switch between different acceleration modes easily and quickly.

Real-Time Shield Database for a more secure PC.

Optimize improved Internet for a more accurate network speed and improve the speed of your network.

New Visual Interface for a more fluid and intuitive experience.

Our Opinion on Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a complete tool to take care of your computer. It cleans your hard drive by eliminating unnecessary files, fixes registry problems, resolves privacy issues, and can still keep your RAM always clean to improve overall computer performance.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of other features built into this program, which can be considered one of the most complete Windows optimization app that have ever passed our hands. If you doubt, just do the installation and begin to browse the program interface; you’ll find everything from options to protect your PC from hacking attacks to OS boot-up acceleration tools.

More beautiful

Speaking of the interface, we can say that the developer did a good job with Advanced SystemCare. It has a very intuitive structure to interact with the user and also facilitates some procedures, presenting practical shortcuts for those who do not have much technical knowledge or are just too lazy to take a look at the more specific details.

Visually speaking, the interface also pleases. She is beautiful and has a modern look, despite not following the minimalist style that has been a trend in the last year. The color scheme makes the interface very unique and attractive, and the icons were all designed especially for the program, which creates a sense of coherence.

A lot of efficiency

In our tests, we noticed that Advanced SystemCare has exceptional efficiency. He can find problems to solve on his computer that are really hard to imagine. At the first scan we did, we found more than 11 GB of useless files on our hard drive that could be deleted, for example. In addition, it can fix registry problems with mastery and handles data from your web browsers quickly. Of course a thorough “cleaning” can take considerable time, but it may be worth it at the end of the day.

Because of this, we can say that it is very worthwhile to test with Advanced SystemCare. It can be considered one of those indispensable programs for those who love to keep the computer always ringing.


  • Lots of useful tools
  • Beautiful and practical interface
  • A lot of efficiency
  • Automatic RAM cleaning


  • It may take time to perform a thorough cleaning.

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