9 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Website & Earn Good Money

Affiliate marketing, PPC, selling ad space, paid promotion, marketing leads, flipping websites, are some innovative ways to monetize a website

It may be fun to start blogging or creating a website. But if you want to turn your blogs or websites into money-generating platforms then you will have to monetize them.

All you need to do is have patience in the earlier stages, find your niche, make quality content, be regular & most important, prioritize monetizing your website. Although there are tons of ways to monetize a website, yours should stand out from the rest. Only then can you transform your traffic & make it a constant source of income.

The below-mentioned tips will help you in monetizing your website successfully-

1. Start Affiliate Marketing

If you are good at reviewing or promoting something, try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other company’s or brand’s products through a unique code or tracking link. Once a sale takes place, you earn a small commission.

Amazon has been the most prominent source of affiliate marketing. However, the scenario has changed over the past few years as Amazon has dropped its price significantly. So, try searching for affiliate marketing beyond traditional sources.

To start, you can look in your niche for a specific platform or site. For instance, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Avantlink, etc. are all worth trying.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC Marketing)

On PPC, you need to pay the advertiser every time there is a click on a certain submitted link. It can be a lucrative source of monetizing your site. However, you need to keep in mind that you may get quick traffic on your site through PPC, but you have to create organic content to rank top with specific keywords related to your sector.

Google AdSense is the most common example of PPC marketing. Sites like MediaVine, AdThrive, Ezoic, etc., are also some familiar names for PPC. It may take a while to see money coming through PPC alone, so it is essential to combine PPC with other online marketing strategies to get better results.

3. Sell Ad Space On Your Site

Instead of taking help from an advertising network, you can start on your own. The main benefits are you can set your price tags, and get the total commissions.

However, you need to think about the extra work you have to do for that. If your website gets high traffic, that’s good. But that still isn’t enough, as you will need high conversions of those traffics. Moreover, you need to work twice to promote your ad space besides running the site.

4. Sell Digital Info Products

Doing affiliate marketing is easy money as this is passive income. But if you desire to go the extra mile to earn more, selling digital products on your website can be a good option. Again, you are creating an online marketplace that may come in handy in the future.

But to do this,  consider the hectic work & stress that comes with it. You have to be innovative in writing & designing these info products like e-books. However, as everything is digital, you will save overhead costs, manufacturing, delivery, storing, etc.

You need basic knowledge of graphic designing, otherwise, you have to hire someone to do that for you. However, you still need to turn the leads into sales by investing hard work, time, and money.

5. Try Membership Website

Starting a membership-based business can be another viable source of website monetization. This option needs a regular & significant amount of traffic. Also,  create some value for your site; otherwise, selling memberships won’t generate any profit.

For instance, you need to sell e-books, photos, documentaries, articles, background themes, research papers, journals, etc. 

The crucial part of starting this kind of strategy is to create a helpful website that customers value. Once you have successfully put yourself in such a position, you will enjoy a steady & healthy profit.

6. Sponsored Contents

This idea is unique & new, yet full of potential. Think of common scenarios with affiliate marketing. Everybody knows you will promote the affiliated goods. But what if you notice a promotional post on a thief-party site?

This approach holds much credibility for the consumers in terms of value for money. Hence, you can start these paid sponsorships about particular products. There is another benefit too. If you can publish quality content on your website, you will generate more traffic.

However, the amount you get paid will depend on how popular your site is. So keep that in mind.

7. Use Donations

This slick trick is effective in short-terms. Although it’s not a steady income source every month, you can still cover the monthly costs through these donations. If your website doesn’t have a significant amount of traffic but has some that are consistent then you can go for this option.

You can ask for their support in the form of monetary donations if they love your content and want to see more of it.  Then these one-time donations can bring traffic significantly.

8. Generating & Selling Leads

Leads are crucial for any business. Through this approach, you will be generating leads for other parties & selling them.

For instance, you can teach English literature & basic grammar on your website. Supposedly, you will have the mail addresses & contact numbers of your niche visitors. This info is valuable to other websites that aim to sell English-based courses or other online schools.

Hence, you are generating leads & then selling those leads to other parties. It’s easy money. But you need to create constant & high traffic on your site to do so. Also, the quality of your website’s services should be unique.

9. Establish an E-Commerce Site

You don’t need to create blogs or educational sites only to make profits. Instead, you can try e-commerce sites to sell tools or equipment. However, it’s advisable to create a unique e-commerce site because thousands of such sites are available everywhere.

Final Thought

There are plenty of ways to monetize your website. You can try multiple methods at the same time and experiment with your website. It takes time to bring in decent money but try the methods we mentioned and see which one works best for you.

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